Exfoliator 101

Many individuals have heard of the word: exfoliator. When one hears the word: exfoliator, what usually comes to mind is to wash or rub or shed a surface of dead cells or material. So, knowing the definition of an exfoliator, many use an exfoliator or an exfoliating cleanser for their skin to shed away the dead cells from the surface of the skin to allow new cells to grow for cleaner skin. Exfoliating for any skin type is beneficial to have a clearer complexion, remove the dead cells, and to prevent inflamed pores.  There are even more benefits of using an exfoliating cleanser on oily skin. The reason why some skin types are oily is because those individual’s sebaceous glands in the skin make too much sebum. Now you may ask: what is sebum? Sebum is the oily substance that hydrates and protects the skin. So now you may think: well, isn’t that a good thing to have more sebum to hydrate and protect my skin? The answer is, is that having too much sebum clogs the pores and may lead to more severe types of acne. Thus, using an exfoliating cleanser on oily skin will help with removing and preventing dirt, sweat and bacteria get trapped under the skin’s surface or pores.  What we would like to achieve here is to: educate on the importance of exfoliation on oily skin and which kinds of cleansers are out there and best suited for your needs.


One recommendation is to use a deep pore exfoliating cleanser on oily skin. The benefits of using a deep pore exfoliating cleanser on oily skin is that since an individual who has oily skin, as stated above, has more sebum production, the sebum clogs the pores, thus it is important to clean the pores on a deeper level to have cleaner pores and less oily skin. Deep pore cleansers aid in reducing the oils while promoting shine for the skin. Just be mindful to use the deep pore exfoliating cleanser in moderation and not more than three times a week. Using the deep pore exfoliating cleanser more frequently can cause the skin to become oilier, and we do not want that to occur. The goal is to minimize the sebum production and clean out the pores to have shinier, cleaner skin. Another beneficial product that assists in managing oily skin is Jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties along with Vitamin E and B complexes. You may be thinking why should I add more oil to my oily skin? In actuality, jojoba oil impersonates the natural oil of one’s skin, sebum. So applying Jojoba oil would mimic the sebum production and then the skin would produce less sebum.  Using Jojoba oil for oily skin allows the skin to be moisturized as well. Having multi-benefits for oily skin makes Jojoba oil a good product to have and to use. Jojoba oil is also known to be non-comedogenic. Non- comedogenic means that a product is made specifically to not block pores. Not all oils are non-comedogenic, but we do know that Jojoba oil is, so it is helpful for oily skin use to decrease the natural skin oil: sebum, while also moisturizing the skin. Now knowing all the added benefits of Jojoba oil, it is a beneficial product to be used for oily skin.


Exfoliating cleanser for oily skin is beneficial for numerous reasons. Oily skin has a tendency to look uneven, clogged, too shiny, and even dirty. It is vital to use an exfoliating cleanser to even out the complexion of your skin, reduce breakouts by cleaning the pores on a deeper level. Using a reliable exfoliating cleanser your oily skin can look smoother, your complexion can be brighter, and your pores will be cleaner on a deeper level.

Knowing the vital information regarding the benefits of using exfoliating cleansers and Jojoba oil on oily skin, doing research on which exfoliator best suites you regarding cost, ingredients and personal preference, it is essential to have these two keys elements in your daily skin care routine. The fundamental use of exfoliating cleansers with an added benefit of getting into the deep pores is to have smoother more radiant skin. The use of both products will allow one to get the results they seek for: cleaner looking, less oily skin with a nice glow as well. Maintaining good skin hygiene is important for one’s health, appearance, and confidence. So now, reading about the benefits of deep pore exfoliating cleansers and Jojoba oil for oily skin, it is time to go out, buy these products and get started on a fresher, more radiant and glowing look! Now, who would not want that?

Ariel Abel